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The Nopinz TriBelt, the "SpeedBelt", has been designed by Triathletes for Triathletes. We listened to all niggles that you have with standard Tri belts and came up with a revolutionary design building on our Nopinz SpeedPocket technology to bring you the most ergonomic and aerodynamic Tri belt ever made. Nopinz SpeedBelt is buckle-less to improve comfort both on the bike and on the run. Made from military-grade elastic the longevity...

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10 reviews for Nopinz Tri Belt

  1. Ben

    Very impressed by the quality and durability of this belt. Velcro system sticks even when wet which was great for the bike leg stopping my number flapping around!

  2. Oli Wright

    Used my Nopinz Tribelt for the first time in a race situation today and loved it! It was super easy to set up with the number, and easy to step into in T1 (it was a pool based event). It really came into its own on the bike leg though, no annoying flapping noise and it helped me on my way to fastest bike split of the day! Really easy to spin round in T2 and comfy as anything to run in. Also the number was perfectly visible at all times unlike most of my competitor’s who’s were scrunched up and wet. Another brilliant product from the guys at Nopinz.

  3. Aled Smith

    Okay firstly I have to say… what a great piece of kit! I was recommended this item by my coach Joe Beer – I was a bit unsure of the idea at first but went with the flow and I’m very glad I did!

    I raced IM Lanzarote two days ago in the windiest conditions I’ve ever had to endure on the bike, it was brutal… Many people with their usual tri belts with their numbers flapping around like MAD in the wind! Did I have that problem? No of course I didn’t, my belt didn’t move all day, it stayed in that aero, watt saving position all day! I can’t imagine how annoying it must have been to have a number belt flapping around behind me all day!

    I had to put my belt on in T1 as it wasn’t allowed underneath my wetsuit, but this wasn’t a problem, it was very easy to slip and velcro on in transition! Overall, very happy with this product – no brainer to buy one!

  4. Dave Ambler

    The Nopinz Tri Belt is a quality piece of kit no doubt about that it’s well made with quality materials.

    I received mine to use on the bike leg of Ironman Lanzarote. Its important to get the right size for you as you step into it in T1 so there are no buckles to fumble with to try to snap together. Once on it was so comfortable I hardly knew it was there. On the bike even without the supplied velcro patches fitted to my tri suit the weight of the pocket was just enough to hold my number in place throughout my bike leg and it was VERY windy at this years Lanzarote. It was so windy that numbers fixed to traditionl tri belts were flapping around and I saw many cyclists with numbers ripped from the pins in their belts trying to wrap them around their belts which must have been distracting, and not so good for their aerodynamics either.

    I’m very pleased with the belt and by using the velco patches should futher improve the aerodynamics further.

    Highly recommended!!!

  5. Matthew Probitts (verified owner)

    Very impressed with the quality of the tri belt. If I have to be critical, the gel loops are very strong and difficult to put the gels in while on the run, out of T2. But this would definitely not stop me from buying it.

    First time I used the belt in competition, I put it on under my wetsuit. During all three disciplines, I didn’t know it was there. This belt is the most comfortable tri belt I have ever used.

  6. Mark Starling

    What an excellent bit of kit. Used it at 70.3 Staffordshire yesterday, it was extremely comfy and there was not that annoying noise of your race number flapping in the wind. Maybe it’s just me but there seemed to be allot more people calling out your name offering support, probably from the fact they could see it rather than being a screwed up piece of paper covered in sticky gel and water!

  7. Oli Mytton

    Certainly a step-up from the standard number belt.

    More comfortable to wear. Despite not ironing on the velcro tabs to hold the number pocket in place – much less blowing around and noise on the bike. Must give the velcro tabs a go – the idea of holding the number down properly and fully on the bike is very appealing. Sat underneath my wet suit fine – and small holes mean any water drains out easily.

    Sure number still flaps around a bit on the run – so the main win is on the bike (+ still having a number when you run).

  8. Al Duggin

    Great bit of kit! Well made and easy to use. Stops that annoying flapping an the bike – and means people can read your name on the run. Why didn’t someone think of this earlier?

  9. Catherine Hilton (verified owner)

    What a great piece of kit! I have used the Nopinz tri belt twice now – 2 middle distance races with 2 age group wins and a PB bike split.
    The belt is very well made and comfortable. The first time I used it was without the velcro tabs , and just the sturdiness of the belt meant there was no flapping around. Last weekend I’d had a chance to iron on the velcro tabs ( super easy to do with very clear instructions and lots of spare velcro tabs too) The race belt stuck really well to the tabs and I could wear it under my wetsuit no problem. On the bike it came into its own – completely aero and visible on my back whilst others had either torn numbers or numbers that flapped around. Very easy to swivel around in T2 and wear on my front for the run. Thanks NoPinz- can’t wait to show off and use this piece of kit at the Ironman World champs in Kona next month where it will come into its own on such a windy bike course.

  10. Richard Hutt

    Wanted a solution I could use on more than one skinsuit for time trialling. Used it for a few events but couldn’t keep it in the position I wanted with the belt. I then modified it to clip on to the skinsuits using 5 press studs. Now have an easy way of attaching my number to all my skinsuits without messing around with safety pins and no more holes.

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