Bioracer Aero – Position Optimisation

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For £150 you get an hour and a half  testing session in a 2-hour booking. This is dedicated to improving your position and enhancing aerodynamic efficiency. You’ll go away with a better position, a comprehensive report from the session which includes video analysis pictures, proprietary analysis spreadsheet, recommendations on equipment upgrades and a list of bike equipment changes (where needed) to help you achieve your goals.

The session is carried out using the improved Bioracer Green-screen Aero system, our in-house static-trainer and your race bike  – please see attached link for more details

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7 reviews for Bioracer Aero – Position Optimisation

  1. Adrian Lane

    Simply Brilliant.
    The real time data feedback is a great aspect of this system;unlike a conventional wind tunnel you can see how small variations in head and shoulder position may change your frontal area as soon as you make them.Personally I achieved a solid 35-40W improvement over my baseline. The watts per pound in this case is 3, a number that would beat any new frame or disc. Even better is that it’s applicable to every TT’r, triathlete and road racer out there. This is a no brainer for anyone looking to smash old PBs and set a new standard for their racing!

  2. James (verified owner)

    Superb session with Joe. Clearly enthusiastic about his trade and took every opportunity to enhance my position whilst explaining the implications of each change. I came away with a 30w aero saving which i was chuffed with. Would thoroughly recommend.

  3. Dave Ambler

    Great session with Joe and excellent value for money. Improved my position on the bike and more aero, what more could you ask? Highly recommended.

  4. Neil (verified owner)

    Very worthwhile. The session gives you immediate data on changes made and makes you think about things more than you might otherwise. After the session, without all the adjustments we discussed, I took 54 seconds off my 25 TT PB with only 3w more power. Thanks Joe and I’m looking forward to seeing how low I can go this season.

  5. crystal

    worth it even if it’s just to understand more about the numbers side of cycling, you get to see in real time what little changes can make. Joe giving you feed back throughout, making sure you can see forward by Reading back the data on the screen, best part was seeing the different from how i was before, to the position i can hold with position training now. and little thing you can do for different distance events

  6. Evan

    Great session with Joe. Some huge wattage savings obtained without the need for a huge adjustment. My position is now not only more aero, but allows me to generate more power with a less restricted pedal stroke. Really happy with the improvements made.

  7. steve (verified owner)

    I completed a session with Joe early last year (January 2017)
    During the season I set new course records on every course I rode. I set new PB’s at 10 miles (21:15 down from 23:01) and 25 miles (55:16). the new records were set after a bout of illness which lost me 20 watts in fitness, meaning I was riding these at the same power as the year before.

    for the cost, it was a great eye opener and has changed my mental focus during the race to make sure my head position is where it needs to be, rather than just trying to hit big numbers and nothing else.

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