Our Story

– 2008 –

First testing of aerodynamic drag of triathlon race belts and a stick-on number. This is published in 220 Triathlon magazine

– 2010 –

The idea of a number wallet is on the back burner but people still fumble with pins and lose numbers stuck on incorrectly

– 2011 –

Samples for first stick-on SpeedWallets are sourced

– 2012 –

Early sizings of SpeedPockets and wallets are measured during an R&D session.

Nopinz trademark is registered

– 2013 –

Design of the SpeedWallet and the Nopinz brand builds away from riders glare

– 2014 –

Packaged versions of the SpeedWallet begin to be used in time trials and the forums light up about “Nopinz”

Wind tunnel testing of various number attachment scenarios at Southampton University

Initial SpeedPocket and SpeedBand wallet samples tested by Blake Pond in TT races with others following by end of season

Nopinz makes first skinsuit with built-in SpeedPocket that confirms to CTT regulations

CycloCross riders begin to use and see merits in SpeedPockets

Nopinz.com website goes live

Elite rider Colin Lynch and others use SpeedWallet at ParaCycling Championships

– 2015 –

First versions of SpeedBelt for Triathlon numbers tested and rolled out to selected Triathletes for testing in races

Nopinz adverts appear in the CTT Handbook

Nopinz Supersuit debuts into the CTT season with instant feedback from riders about its inbuilt SpeedPocket merits

SpeedPocket makes Tour de France debut with Lotto Jumbo after successfull testing at Dauphine

Continued testing of various skinsuit designs, fabrics and technologies and first versions of the TripSocks emerge

Aerodynamic testing and collaboration with AeroCoach Ltd enhances the product performance and range

A season where Nopinz products make riders faster, win events… a revolution really builds

– 2016 –

Nopinz SpeedPockets and Tripsuit make their Olympic debut at the Rio games

Multiple Pro Tour teams have SpeedPockets added to their suits for races across the globe

Cycling Australia joins forces with Nopinz to make the Rio games even faster for their athletes

AeroCoach rider Hayley Simmonds uses the Trip suit and Trip socks as part of her 10-mile competition record (18:38)

Patent granted for Nopinz

On-site shop opened with Nopinz clothing, Bioracer range & AeroCoach products

Colin Lynch claims ParaCycling hour record using Nopinz Tripsuit

Nopinz releases its debut custom club-clothing range

BioRacer Aero virtual wind tunnel system starts making riders faster with personalised testing at Nopinz HQ

New Nopinz.com website is launched

– 2017 –

Multiple CTT time-trial champions use Nopinz products in their winning rides

Nopinz TripSuit debuts in World Tour and Tour De France

– 2018 –

Nopinz releases the revolutionary Road Race 2.0 one-piece suit featuring SpeedPocket technology

The Revolution continues………

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