About Nopinz

Our team has extensive experience from contributing to the design and development of many sports improvement products. Joe Beer is one of the countries most well respected Cycling and Triathlon coaches and has extensive knowledge when it comes to analysing best performance. Together our team includes experience at designing and manufacturing component parts for F1 teams and racing at top level TT and Triathlon worldwide.

This experience combined with our passion for sports makes us the ideal team to deliver the first Nopinz innovation: The SpeedPocket – a product which has taken over 2 years to develop, with more exciting products since then, and still more in the pipeline.

Why Nopinz?

As cyclists and triathletes, just like you, we were frustrated with the 1940’s technique of attaching numbers using nappy pins! Not only was this ancient process wrecking expensive kit it also slowed us down considerably by drag, created by billowing sails out of the pinned numbers. How many of us have sat at race HQ’s trying to pin numbers as flat as possible using anything up to 12 pins per number. We have also baulked at the thought of spending up to £400 on a super aero skin-suit only to then make a hole in it using a pin, which as soon as you stretch becomes huge and in less than a season, totally ruins the skin suit. We appreciate that not everyone spends £400 on a skinsuit but even a good club suit costs upwards of £100 and the effect is the same.

Consider the investment? Why are we spending hundreds sometimes thousands of pounds on aero-frames, wheels, skin-suits, Tri-suits helmets etc. All of which use cutting edge technology, to then revert to this old fashioned way of attaching numbers. In triathlon we have super aero-bikes and a number attached to a belt flapping away in the breeze behind us. Frustrated by the lack of a modern alternative we decided to see if we could come up with one, the Nopinz SpeedPocket was the result. No drag, No voodoo, No pins – No brainer!

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