Frequently Asked Questions

Nopinz SpeedWallets

1: Are Nopinz SpeedWallets re-useable?
No they are a single use product.

2: Can I put a Nopinz SpeedWallet on by myself? Or does someone have to put it on for me once I have the skinsuit/cycle top on?
You can put it on yourself before you put your skinsuit/cycle top on by putting the suit/top over your knees and slightly stretching the fabric as it would be if you had it on, then just follow the normal instructions. It is generally easier if someone puts it on for you.

3: How many watts does a Nopinz SpeedWallet save?
Broadly speaking the drag reduction compared to a pinned number is around 8 watts but may, in certain scenarios be up to 22 watts – depending on the speed of the rider, the yaw angle and how the pinned-on number is attached etc. Please see “The Science” to find out the data behind the Nopinz brand.

4: Do Nopinz SpeedWallet’s stay attached in the rain?
Yes they have been tested in the real world race conditions.

5: Why does my Nopinz SpeedWallet sometimes not stick perfectly?
There are various scenarios that may affect adhesion:
a. The skinsuit was wet when the Nopinz SpeedWallet was attached.
b. The Nopinz SpeedWallet was attached after warming up making the suit fabric wet.
c. Your skinsuit has a Teflon coating or you have washed the suit using fabric conditioner. The present adhesive will not stick reliably to Teflon.

6: Do Nopinz SpeedWallets come in different sizes?
Yes at the moment they are available in:
a. Back 200x 200mm (RTTC standard).
b. Arm 100 x 100mm (RTTC standard).
c. Back 160 x 180mm (UCI standard).

7: Do Nopinz SpeedWallets comply with RTTC regulations?
Yes, “CTT/RTTC Rule 16 states that “Competitors on solo machines must prominently display a number on a fluorescent or reflective background of not less than 20x20cm. The number shall be centrally positioned below the waist so as to be clearly visible from the rear when in his normal riding position.”

8: Do Nopinz SpeedWallets leave any residue or stickiness on the numbers?
No unlike various DIY tapes or gluing methods the Nopinz SpeedWallet keeps the number clean and pristine.

9: Can you use Nopinz SpeedWallets for triathlon?
Yes you can, they stay stuck when used under a wetsuit in open water swims either salt or fresh water. They do not stay stuck in swimming pool events due to chlorine and other chemicals in the water. Check our race belt systems coming soon to solve your triathlon number issues.

Nopinz SpeedPockets

1: Can a Nopinz SpeedPocket be fitted to any skinsuit?
We have not come across one yet that we couldn’t fit a SpeedPocket to. Brands such as Assos, BioRacer, Castelli, Champion Systems, Kalas and SMART have all had SpeedPockets added successfully. (Please note Assos Cronosuit with Diagonal rear zips is subject to £15.00 surcharge)

If your skin suit is exceptionally tight we do not recommend you add a SpeedPocket as it can make the lower back too tight. You may want to consider using a larger skin suit size or purchase a custom Nopinz skin suit to ensure correct sizing and optimum aerodynamics

2: Can I have a Nopinz SpeedPocket without the reflective tape?
Yes Nopinz SpeedPockets are available with or without reflective tape. You will choose your specification on your customer order form.

3: Can you fit a Nopinz SpeedPocket to any type of cycle clothing?
Yes, but custom requests may take longer and costs a little more. E-mail us your request and we will get in touch to finalise your requirements

4: Can Nopinz SpeedPockets be fitted in different positions and in different sizes?
Yes they can. On the arms or on your sides as required in track racing. You get to specify location and size of the SpeedPocket in your customer order form (please note prices for multiple pockets on one suit are available on request via E-mail.)

5: Are Nopinz SpeedPockets machine washable?
Yes they are. Please turn the suit inside out and wash at 30-40 degrees.

6: How long will fitting a SpeedPocket take?
We aim to have your suit pack with you within 7-10 working days of its receipt. You will be advised on the SpeedPocket product page if this period increases.

Race Dots/ Event Clips

1: Can I use Race Dots for cycle races?
Yes but It depends on the material of the race number, anything thicker than a wax paper may be harder to attach – both attachment systems are designed principally for use in running races using paper numbers. Both solutions have proved less aerodynamic than the more cycling specific products such as SpeedWallets or SpeedPockets.

2: Are the Event Clips and Race Dots re usable?
Yes they are both fully reusable.

General Questions

1: Can I place an order by telephone?
Yes we are able to take secure payments over the phone using paypal card reader. Please contact 01271 859 573 or 07446 908 958 to place your order.

2: Can I change my order?
We operate an automated ordering system and changes cannot be made once the item has been dispatched. However, if you have ordered the wrong item then you will need to return the goods to us at your own expense including:

  • the goods to be returned – we recommend using a recorded delivery service or equivalent as we cannot accept responsibility for goods lost in transit. If your item is excessively large or heavy we can arrange for a courier to collect it at a price which we will agree with you in advance. This price will then be deducted from your refund payment.
  • a note with your name, e-mail and postal address – you may alternatively send your original delivery note we sent you with the goods

Please send to: Nopinz LTD, Unit 24-25, Hele Manor Business Park, Roundswell, Barnstaple, Devon, EX31 3UL, UK.


3: How long do I have to return an item?
You have 28 days from the date of order, please see above for what to do to return goods.

4: My order has not arrived where is it?
If your order has not arrived in the estimated delivery period it could be for one or more of the following reasons:
a. The courier has experienced delays.
b. The courier tried to deliver whilst you were out and has left a card.
c. Your parcel maybe with a neighbour.
d. Your parcel is left in a safe place (e.g. in the shed).

5: How long do you take to respond to E-mail enquiries?
We aim to respond within one working day.

6: Your website is showing out of stock, are you getting any more?
We try at all times to keep all stock up-to-date. Anything that is out of stock will be replace as soon as possible unless we have stopped that product and are just selling off remaining stock. In these rare instances we will notify you that the item is discontinued.

7: What are the conditions to Next Day delivery?
To be able to receive goods by Post Office Next Day delivery your order must be made before 2 PM (1400h) and only applies to UK orders. This cannot be applied to orders made on Saturday, Sunday or UK Bank Holidays. We cannot except any liability for the goods not arriving on time if they have left the Nopinz premises as agreed in your order. Any grievances must be taken up with the Post Office directly and not through Nopinz.

8: What level of compensation does standard return postage cover?
By selecting Standard Postage you will only be covered by Royal Mail standard compensation should goods fail to arrive at your supplied address. Any grievances must be taken up with the Post Office directly and not through Nopinz. We suggest skin suits have Next Day delivery applied to them when ordering – this covers compensation up to £250 and can be increased to £500.


To collect points you must checkout using your account or create an account, regretfully we can not retrospectively add points for orders placed as a guest


Covid 19- Nopinz is open for business and shipping orders daily. If you have any queries please don’t hesitate to contact us! Stay safe and keep riding.