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Introducing Team SARIS | NOPINZ

We’re excited to announce a new partnership with leading eSports cycling team Saris | Nopinz. The team have been at the top of the eSports cycling game since 2019, and their passion for a kit, tech, marginal gains and the hunt for the perfect set-up makes this an ideal partnership in our opinion, as it’s exactly what we do! 

Focused solely on racing indoors and predominantly on Zwift, the team was organized to push the boundaries of this newly emerging cycling discipline. They now have a squad of riders from all over the world, racing at any time of day, almost every day, all year round, all the while balancing work and family life, which makes the need for those marginal gains in both performance and recovery even more crucial. Riders’ backgrounds range from ex-pro road cyclists, triathletes, swimmers and passionate amateurs, united in their love for gaming, sports, and their ability to suffer.

Saris | Nopinz race in the Zwift Racing League Premier Division, a team-based competition in which the top 20 teams in the world compete every Monday, with races streamed live on GCN and the Zwift YouTube channel. For the 2021/ 2022 season, the team will be riding in our SubZero range, the world’s first indoor specific, performance cycling kit. The range features ‘FreezePockets’ for replaceable frozen gel packs which are optimally placed in key “hot zones”. The gel packs help to keep your core temperature down, meaning less energy is used to cool the body and more blood reaches the muscles that need it to produce those all-important watts, vital for the explosive efforts required to compete at the highest levels of e-racing.

Throughout the season, Saris | Nopinz will be taking us behind the scenes, giving an insight into what it takes to be competitive at the top end of a continuously developing cycling discipline, and sharing their extensive knowledge of eCycling, so watch this space for lots of exciting updates.

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