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Team Profile – Crawley Wheelers RT

Crawley Wheelers RT

Meet Crawley Wheelers Race Team.

CWRT is the road racing arm of Crawley Wheelers and was setup to help develop riders from the traditional cycling club member to being competitive racers. The team works with Trainsharp as a coaching partner to help riders on their racing journey. With riders from 3rd cats up to National level, their key focus is creating an environment that helps riders to progress.

The race team was set up for 2020 which was obviously a disappointing start! However, it’s great to see them back at it now, with riders who have been putting the hours in and keeping focus over the past 18 months, now starting to turn that into results.

We asked the team why they chose Nopinz as their kit supplier:

“When setting up the team we needed to sort out kit and chose Nopinz for two key reasons; We had used Nopinz kit for Crawley Wheelers over the previous few years and so knew that performance and quality is of the highest order. Nopinz are always trying to innovate and push the boundaries of performance to make riders faster. Secondly allowing riders to order individually direct from Nopinz makes things so much easier for all. Racing kit is quite individual and it is reassuring for riders to chose the kit that is right for them rather than trying to bulk order to hit minimum quotas.”

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