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Club Profile – GFTL


MeetGo fast turn left 2 GFTL.

Go Fast, Turn Left was born out of a simple ambition to find like-minded, unpretentious cyclists who wanted to do one thing, and one thing only, go fast (and we guess also turn left).

Regents Park, London has become a global hub for racers and cyclists alike. It is today the most Strava’d place on the planet. With the park closed to motor traffic in the early mornings, it naturally lends itself to meet for a few fast laps before heading for a coffee and out to work. As a group of young, relatively inexperienced cyclists, the first members of GFTL focused on just getting out and having a good time with friends. They didn’t know about “The Rules”, the etiquette or cycling rituals, shunned exclusivity and embraced the simple and authentic desire to go faster each day.  As members of larger London clubs, they had access to cycling networks and forums to host and join other rides. It was then that they decided to first label what they were doing simply going fast, and turning left. The first public ride created quite a buzz, and people kept coming back. It wasn’t long until their maverick approach to cycling gained notoriety and spin-off rides such as Go Slow Turn Right began to form.

In 2019 the team decided to formalise the culture and small community they had begun to grow and create a kit. The idea now felt as though it had a life of its own, carried by anyone and everyone who wore their colours. GFTL’s founding members wrestled with the definition of what had been created and couldn’t pin down if it was a race team or a club.

Following their instincts, it was decided that GFTL Is both. Every member of GFTL is a sponsored rider, anyone can race and everyone benefits from the partnerships the team forms. 

With existing relationships with Strype Street Cycles, HEXR Helmets and a growing affection for One Shot Coffee, they approached all 3 to discuss sponsoring the newly founded club. All 3 quickly bought into the brand and concept and the team continues to develop how they partner with each of these great brands. With their new logos to their name, the team needed a new kit and with a fast-growing membership base and a range of budgets they needed a kit provider that didn’t require bulk orders, didn’t have size minimums but that matched the performance level of their riders.

We asked them why they chose Nopinz as their kit supplier:

Nopinz was the obvious choice. GFTL is a small but rapidly growing club. Our members range from juniors to masters with varying budgets. Other shops with their requirements for minimum order volumes and a single buyer to front a lot of money for a bulk purchase was untenable for our small club. The online shop that allows members to buy one-off or multiple items at their leisure and within their own budget made Nopinz a very attractive option. When this is paired with the aerodynamic credentials and performance benefits of the kit, Nopinz became the clear partner for our kit choice. Lastly, the option to work with a designer to help define our vision (2 different kits, 3 sponsors, 1 club) helped to keep the process moving and create realise a truly unique kit for GFTL.” 


Upcoming rides

Group rides and socials are hosted every day, and you’ll find the team on the start line of most local races. The racers draw huge levels of support from members who provide both mental and physical support riding from all over London to cheer them on, make sure they really do Go Fast! 

GFTL remains as open and unassuming as its early days. Anyone can join the Tuesday morning rides in Regents Park. But be warned, turn up and expect to get dropped. It’s fast, painful and unrelenting. However, also expect a warm pat on the back, a coffee afterwards and the friendliest bunch of cyclists you could hope to meet. Joining the club just takes a little more commitment to keep turning up as a regular on Tuesdays before getting an invite into the community. 

To make sure they are riding just check the GFTL Strava Club (anyone can join) and all Tuesday rides are posted.


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