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Nopinz / Aerocoach Tripsuit (CLEARANCE)

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PLEASE NOTE:  These are the late 2017 edition with AEROSTRIPE back and sides and all closed position suits.


The Nopinz AeroCoach “ATS™” “TripSuit” is the most versatile and fastest skinsuit available.

Having undergone extensive R&D in 2015, the TripSuit is the only suit in the world which provides you with options based upon your aerodynamic position.

The Trip suit is made of the highest quality Italian Lycra and incorporates a gender specific high density foam “coolmax” chamois providing comfort and support even in the longest events. Materials have been varied throughout the suit to optimise aerodynamics improve comfort and extend its longevity.

ATS™ – Aero Trip Strips

AeroCoach’s innovative and protected “ATS™” technology is the implementation of raised surfaces of different sizes and shapes, used on products to improve their aerodynamics.

The purpose of “ATS™” is to “trip” the airflow around an object, in this case the riders body, to keep the air attached for longer and reducing the aerodynamic drag.

“ATS™” locations on the TripSuit have been refined on a large number of riders with different sizes, shapes and positions.

CFD – Computational Fluid Dynamics

We used a combination of CFD and real world testing in order to evaluate the correct placement of “ATS™”

Aero Images                      Pressure points


In this example rider you can see the areas of high pressure (red) and low pressure (blue).

The blue area of low pressure on the left arm is where the airflow has separated, causing an increase in aerodynamic drag.

Placing “ATS™” in the form of a seam in front of this area helps to reduce the amount of low pressure experience by the rider, improving aerodynamics.


We know that riders are different shapes and sizes and ride in different aero positions, so we tested a whole range of positions and riders to allow us to create the best suits for the right application.

Open vs. Closed design

From our testing we established two designs of suit – for Open and Closed aero positions.

An Open position refers to either when a rider has their elbow pads far apart, or they are a larger rider. For these riders there is more airflow in between the arms and around underneath the torso. For an Open TripSuit there is “ATS™” in these locations to manipulate the airflow and reduce aerodynamic drag.

A Closed position is when the rider has narrow elbow bar pads and the majority of the air is pushed around the outside of the body. In this instance the “ATS™” is placed on the outer arms only.

The upper back also features “ATS™” placement which differs depending on the design – for an Open TripSuit the seam junction is lower down the back, whereas on a Closed TripSuit it has been moved further upwards towards the neck.

Measuring whether you need an Open or Closed TripSuit is simple – if you are size XL or above you should only use an Open suit, otherwise you just need to measure your aerobar pads: 16cm and above centre to centre and you require an Open TripSuit, less than 16cm and you need a Closed TripSuit.



Trip suits are available in Mens and Ladies specific designs and in the following colours. Please select the size required using the sizing charts then select the required fit i.e. open or closed and the colour required. (If you select custom we will be in touch to discuss your artwork requirements).

Grey/Black £240

Black/Red £240




Additional information

Weight 300 g
Dimensions 25 x 15 x 10 cm

Black/Grey, Black/Red


XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL


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